Kampala. Three Ugandan businesses are among six Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in East Africa that have been selected to receive the European Union (EU) Switch Africa Green (SAG) -SEED Awards.
Under SWITCH-Africa Green, a programme funded by the European Union, SEED implements a multi-country project -promoting Eco-Entrepreneurship in Africa that works towards increasing this sector’s size and impact by fostering a green economy in six target countries including Uganda and Kenya.
The three businesses, Brent Technologies, Gorilla Conservation Coffee and Masupa Enterprises from Uganda are among 15 winning enterprises that were selected by an independent jury of International experts out of more than 300 applications.
The innovative enterprises are active in the sectors of agriculture, waste management, energy, manufacturing, biodiversity conservation and tourism.
According to a statement released by the organisers, the three Uganda businesses will be awarded in September during the SEED East Africa Symposium, alongside Horizon Business Ventures Limited, ICOSEED Enterprises, and Kencoco Limited from Kenya.
The firms were selected because they provided more than 1,000 individuals with training, employment opportunities and new income streams for farmers, youth and women.
This number is expected to grow further. This is on top of the environmental benefits such as mass reduction in consumer waste, and reduction of illegal logging and charcoal burning by 40 per cent.
“The 15 businesses will receive a financial contribution to scale up the businesses. They will join other 220 previous winners to benefit from business and management advice from experts, high-level profiling of their business and access to an international network of businesses, governments, investors, legal, development, and finance institutions,” the statement reads in part.
Ms Kay Eunkyung Kang, the SEED enterprise support adviser, said the SEED East Africa Symposium 2017, to be held in Kampala next month, will bring together 70 enterprises, policy makers, business development service providers, and government leaders from Uganda and Kenya.
These will engage in interactive discussions to ensure that critical needs such as tailored business support, and financing are prepared for this sector’s growth.
The SEED East Africa Symposium will be accompanied by an Enterprise Solutions Exhibition that showcases innovative, local entrepreneurial approaches to sustainable development challenges in the region.

About the awards
Innovation. The SAG-SEED awards identify and support the most promising and innovative small and medium-sized eco-inclusive enterprises in developing and emerging economies in 2016 and 2017.The awards are part of the implementation of ‘Promoting Eco-Entrepreneurship in Africa’, a SWITCH-Africa Green multi-country project in Uganda, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius and South Africa.

Sources: Daily Monitor25 New Vision (Uganda's Leading Daily)

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