COUNTRY SCOPE: Ghana, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa, Uganda.





GHANA:The proposed focal areas/activities for manufacturing of environmental goods or sustainability certified goods for both domestic consumption and international exports, including participation in international value chains.







KENYA: Kenya should be enabled to participate more fully in greener international supply chains for these and other environmental goods and services. The main stakeholders to be involved, in addition to the private sector, are Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources.








MAURITIUS: The proposed focal areas/activities for manufacturing are on Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP). These include implementation of RECP in the textile and food and beverages sectors, development of policies and capacity building.







SOUTH AFRICA: The proposed focal areas/activities for manufacturing are water efficiency programmes, vehicular emissions, solar and wind energy manufacturing strategies, regulations on blending of biofuels, and an industrial energy efficiency programme.







UGANDA: Most industries in Uganda use obsolete equipment which in most case is not properly maintained and others use environmentally inappropriate technologies. Due to the high costs of end-of- pipe technologies, the industrial wastes are released untreatedinto the environment.By introducing resource efficient and cleaner production methods,for example, water and energy consumption per unit product will reduce the production cost of industries as well as promote sustainable waste management.

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