Activities shall aim at supporting transformation towards an inclusive green economy by providing services to entrepreneurs and M&SMEs that enable them to start and develop green businesses, apply sustainable production practices and create trade opportunities. In each pilot country, activities will focus on the same sectors as targeted by the policy support component. The scope of activities will be based on an assessment of local business conditions.

This will include the readiness and capacity of the existing Business Development Services (BDS) providers to play an effective, efficient and sustainable role towards green business development and SCP practices in the selected sectors. 



    Based on this assessment a combination of following types of activities can be envisaged: Development and provision of toolkits related to eco-entrepreneurial competences and skills, Resources Efficiency and Cleaner Production (RECP), eco-innovation (e.g., resource efficient, sustainable product improvement, material efficiency, cleaner technologies) and other issues such as life-cycle assessment (LCA) and related labelling, sustainability reporting and marketing along the value chain including trade linkages. The services will be provided primarily by local BDS providers. >> Read more.

    Activities may be new or up-scaling of existing programmes. The Green Business development component will be implemented through projects selected via a call for proposals procedure or a similar procedure that can attract service provider applicants with new and innovative ideas.. >> Read more.


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